Hungarian Reformed Church Aid Flood Preparations Underway

2013. június 06., csütörtök

Anticipation is high on the Danube, because in the past 50 years its water has never been as high as it is right now. Estimations say the crest will reach Budapest on Thursday, but the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) is already making preparations against the flooding.

As always, the HRCA is prepared to join in the fight against rising waters with lots of volunteers; a full emergency storage; and if relocation is necessary, mattresses, blankets and rations. The HRCA helps where ever it can.

The HRCA posted the following message on its Facebook page: ,,From Thursday to Monday we are looking for standby volunteers! It's not certain that we will need their help, but if we do need help, we will contact volunteers and ask them for their assistance." They are looking for people who can go out for an hour or two and help where ever they can. There may not be the need for assistance, but the volunteers will wait fully prepared.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you will need to provide HRCA with some crucial information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Phone Number (preferably cell-phone)
  • Which day, or days are you volunteering for? (example: from Thursday to Sunday, or only Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday, etc.)

The work is not easy but its rewarding. Events like this unify people; the enviroment is very friendly, and while helping, volunteers are able to communicate with each other. It's good to see that in catastrophic situations like this there are people willing to help, and until the danger has passed, the HRCA will be standing by.

Volunteers can send their emails to

If you are interested in supporting the flood efforts with a monetary donation, please call the following number (within Hungary only): 13600 followed by the code 66. Each call donates 250 Forints.

If you are living outside of Hungary and are also interested in donating, please email to see how you can get involved.


Translated by Márk Troll

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