God can be Found Anywhere

2017. október 09., hétfő

Sabrina Ebengho, a youth delegate from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to the Starpoint Youth Festival, shares a reflection on her time in Hungary. 

Why do we simply remain curious? Why not travel (sometimes) and find the answer? Over the past few years, I have developed a deep love and aspiration to travel simply to discover the unknown. Learning is a beautiful thing, but it becomes even more fascinating when you can explore and become (the knowledge). That’s why I believe in the beauty behind traveling. You get to be part of a whole new world, gain experience, positively make an impact, and become the story. Traveling, to me, as an art, is a Godsend gift to explore this wide world we live in.

As I was preparing to travel abroad, I began questioning myself. I felt nervousness leading me into fearing the act of stepping into the unknown. For a person who loves traveling as much as living, this feeling was unusual. Realizing that God will provide wherever I go gave me a reason to stop worrying. And from there, I gained the courage and open mind to leave for Hungary when the time came.

Being home is beautiful feeling, but I cannot deny that being in a different (new) part of the world is magical. Participating in the Starpoint Festival in Debrecen, Hungary was one of the most memorable and great learning experiences I have been part of. As a recent high school graduate, this opportunity allowed me to begin finding myself as an individual while also “reforming” my faith. Likewise, the international delegates also got the opportunity to explore the capital (Budapest) and the city of Debrecen simply to explore historic hotspots. I loved every second of the festival. You not only meet people from different backgrounds, but you also get to see how different cultures can blend in together and interact, which, to me, was/is beautiful. And more importantly, you come together as young people and witness the words of God through an entirely different culture than your own. From that, you also share ideas on how you can become a voice for others (including your home church). I am grateful to have met a large group of people from around the world through this amazing opportunity. Today, I feel blessed to know that we are “a close community/family from far away.” 

Hans Christian Anderson once quoted, “to travel is to live,” and I believe in growth through learning. Growth can occur anywhere. The more you learn, the more you definitely grow. I would encourage everyone to travel simply because learning is living. You learn as you grow and live day by day. When in doubt or just out of curiosity, travel the world. Just go. The answer is out there; the words of God can be found anywhere. Lead your life through faith and God will provide, always.


Written by Sabrina Ebengho

Photo by reformatus.hu 

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