2015. augusztus 13., csütörtök

In this year at Starpoint Reformed Youth Conference in Tata the theme was Trust. It is a very interesting question how you can approach and reach the trust in other persons, in yourself and in God. This year was particularly special for the the Eco-Congregation Movement. Report on the contribution of the Eco-Congregation Movement at the Starpoint Youth Festival.

The Eco-Congregation Movement had its own area, it was a meeting point. In this 3 days the youth could come with us to a special journey at the Eco Point where they can meet the created world’s miracles and they got a small peace about how can they live well and how can they save the world.

Besides that in the Eco Point’s tent had permanent programs, eco-buffet with delicious healthy pastry, sandwiches and wonderful syrups what you could drank from an eco-glass, it had reading-relaxing corner, prayer-path, fleeing-tent, and varied of posters where you could get informations about the Eco-Congregation Movement, healthy meals, the carbon footprint and how can you save the created world. Each day Eco Point had a variety of interesting and entertaining programmes, presentations about global warming, air and water pollution, climate change and of course about what would be the perfect solution to solve these problems and these are reliable and feasible solutions.

You could learn how to make jewelleries from waste, and how can you care of your skin without artificial additives and look over ancient fossils and at the end of the day you could watch movies about the created world with your friends. There were a lot of useful themes, so you did not only get oral education but also could try what theye were talking about. You could taste teas from herbs and biblical foods for example goat milk or cheese and of course we learnt how to make the best salads ever! The three days’ speciality was the cycling tour around Tata.


Despite sweltering heat there were a lot of guest at Eco-Point because it was refreshing and relaxing tent in the heat. Everybody really liked this event. People not just coming together to hear ideas, we all come there for the same reason. We shared something, we have similar values and believes. Althought we have not knewn each other yet, we know something about each other and this is important because the survival of the human race and the created world depends on surround ourselves people who believe what we believe and if we do this then something remarkable happens. Trust emerges. Trust is a feeling, a human experience. Trust comes from a sense of common values and beliefs. And the reason trust is important is because when we are surrounded with people who believe what we believe we are more confident to take risks, we are more confident to experiment and to explore. So eco-logical talking is so important because we are gonna have to save ourselves in our system. If we will live like this, we will not have access to have clean water, clean air and clean Earth.

The Eco-Point helps us to learn how to live well and how can the world stay alive. Our most valuable possession on the planet are children and if we do not take care of our home, they will not be able to live on the Earth. It is God’s creations as we are, and as God trust in you, you should trust in God and in other people, because without trust we can not save the world.  We should share our opinions, experiences and solutions. That is why the Eco-Point and Starpoint is so important. The youth can learn about important things effortlessly and I hope you trust in God and his creations and don’t let it get lost.


Boglárka Szűcs, Coordinator of the RCH Eco-Congregation Program

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