Celebrating 10 years of Unity

2019. május 18., szombat

On 17 May, the Common Synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church gathered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hungarian Reformed Unity declared on 22 May 2009.

Members of the Synod overviewed the past decade and gave thanks for all the gifts and blessings and welcomed one of the Hungarian-speaking Refomed church bodies in the USA, the Calvin Synod of the United Church of Christ joining the Hungarian Reformed Church. In the presence of Rev. Najla Kassab, WCRC President, and Dr. Vasile-Octavian Mihoc, WCC Program Executive for Ecumenical Relations and Faith and Order, the Synod issued a message to its member churches and congregations and to the wider ecumenical fellowship.

Message of the Common Synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church

Ten years ago, we, the Hungarian Reformed people, reaffirmed our belonging together in Debrecen. We give thanks to God for preserving us in the last decade. We have been liberated to share the Gospel and build the Church. We are thankful that our unity as brothers and sisters could be preserved despite 100 years of forced separation.

We stand with heartfelt gratitude before God at this anniversary celebration during which we reaffirm the covenant of our synodal communion.  We commit ourselves as member churches of the Common Synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church to continue to remain faithful to the Word of God, the Calvinist teaching, and our Confessions. We are grateful that we could have completed the revision of our Bible translation, as well as the new Hungarian translation of the Institution, the main work of John Calvin, and that we are able to work together on the renewal of our common Hymn book, liturgy and constitution.

Since the declaration of unity in the past decade, we have strengthened the relationship among our church districts. Since then, we have been carrying out the service of mission, diaconia and teaching together. We continue to work to harmonize the church law of our unity and the requirements of the pastor training. We promote the coordinated academic research of the Hungarian Reformed Diaspora. We extend a helping hand to each other during times of natural disasters and unexpected catastrophes. We are in fraternal solidarity with the Hungarian and international Christian communities in need.

Together we encourage the Hungarian Reformed community living around the world to pray for the Christians who are persecuted for their faith, as we are all part of one body. We pray for the leaders of the world who make decisions on the fate of countries so that they may serve peace with all their might and commit to work so that all people and nations live in their homeland in peace and wealth.

We commit ourselves to glorify God’s name by sharing the Gospel, through our efforts for the common good, and service for all people while dedicating to the truth in love.

Christ is the future, we follow Him together! 

Common Synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church


Debrecen, 17 May 2019


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