Reformed Church in Romania

Outside Hungary, the largest Reformed community lives under the guardianship of the Reformed Church in Romania. The work done in its two districts is harmonized by a joint synod. Their joint minister education and training takes place at the Protestant Theological Institute based in Kolozsvár (Cluj). After the Treaty of Trianon, the development of the two Reformed districts diverged. The state recognition of the existing Transylvanian Reformed Church District was not problematic: minister training in Kolozsvár continued and work in educational institutions – though under stricter state control and supervision - resumed. The situation of the newly-formed Királyhágómellék Reformed Church District - along the Hungarian border - was much worse. The process of legal recognition was considerably hindered by the fact that its congregations had formerly belonged to the Transtibiscan Church District based in Debrecen. Two decades of uncertainty drew a considerable amount of energy from congregation-building and Church-run education.

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Reformed Church in Hungary

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