A School for Disadvantaged Children and Children Centre in Dencsháza

In 2009 a special school and children's centre was opened in Dencsházathrough the collaboration of the Reformed Mission Centre, the Reformed congregation, the primary school and local government. Dencsháza is a small village in the southern part of Hungary, with 650 residents. The inhabitants have multiple disadvantages: 25 % of them are able but unemployed, and 30 % of the villagers declare themselves as Roma. Three big settlements are located in the area.

The target group of the "Tanoda" school programme consists mainly of Roma students aged 10-16, who live in Dencsháza and its neighbourhood. The main aim of the school is to offer special after-school care, tutoring and to ensure support for children with learning difficulties, while helping them develop their personalities. This process will also promote their socialisation and future prosperity after finishing primary school. The project is willing to support the Roma pupils to finish primary school, apply for secondary schools and complete their higher education. The centre offers cultural events, outings, music therapy, Bible studies, chess and skating lessons, family weekends including tutoring (Hungarian, math, English, IT, etc). Already, 60 students have participated in the programme.

The Safe Start Children Centre, which is located in the same refurbished church building, supports mainly Roma children ages 0-5 to achieve the development level appropriate for their ages, inviting parents to participate in the project and work together with well qualified teachers. They try to encourage kids and their families to eat healthy, take part in parents' consultation and family visiting, and to work in small groups. Since it opened, the centre has taken care of eighty children.

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