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The Youth Ministry of the RCH has different programmes and organisations to reach young people and motivate them to take part in the life of the church. The new-formed Youth Assembly,  a forum of reformed young people, with the aim of proclaiming the everlasting God, focuses on current issues and topics of the new generation.

The Youth Ministry of the Reformed Church in Hungary has two main branches.

•     The Ecumenical Youth Foundation collaborates with the youth organisations of the historical churches, and together they reach out to young people outside the church in the form of nationwide programmes. One of these is the "72 Hours Without Compromise" programme, which involves volunteer work, while the other is "Common Point," a mission that targets young people attending music festivals.

•    Within the church, there is the nationwide, multigenerational Bridge of Love volunteer event offers a great opportunity to reach young people as well as the Starpoint youth summer festival, which is organised every other year and attracts thousands of people from both inside and outside the church.

At universities, colleges and secondary schools, various mission-related events take place. An important venue of youth life is the university church.

The Youth Office coordinates the life of youth both within the country borders and in the whole Carpathian Basin. It provides youth organisations with a platform to communicate. The Youth Office encourages the church to reach out to those young people who seek spiritual truths. It also organises professional trainings and meetings with the participation of applicants from all over the Carpathian Basin.

The Office aims to maintain ecumenical relationships. It is in charge of managing any shared youth mission projects. It also represents the church and its interests in the communication with the state regarding youth issues. The Office aims to synchronise the work of youth organisations, so that their message gets to the people they are targeting: youth both inside and outside the church.

  • Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival

    Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival - the best place for young adults to meet, play, discuss, worship God and hear good music! A community of more than 3,700 participants!

    Starpoint is a place where young Reformed Christians meet, and where participants learn what keeps the church in motion, what fills it with energy. Here, the youth of the Carpathian Basin can experience what it means to live in a community based on our faith in God. Starpoint is always a message-focused spiritual event. Although it may seem like a festival, it is not designed to crowd out other festivals.


    Starpoint is a religious event organised by the church; one aspect of the RCH's youth work. It aims to show that despite all rumours there is life inside the church. There is a community that is inclusive and not exclusive, which accepts and does not reject, and which appreciates and inspires you.


    As an open youth event, Starpoint aims to present the diversity of the Reformed Church. Preceding the festival, preparatory work is open for anyone who would like to offer help. It is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen one's faith in the course of cultural and community-building events where young people can choose from a large selection of educational and training programmes. It is an experience that will enrich every participant's life at home, in their workplaces or in the congregations they serve.


    The two main pillars of Starpoint are the morning lectures followed by small conversation groups and the evening worship services. Besides these programmes, there are several other morning worship programmes, spiritual, cultural and sport activities. Training is offered in areas such as small group leadership and communication, so that later on, these young people can participate in the youth work of their own congregations.


    Figures from Starpoint 2013:

    • 3,700 participants
    • 900 volunteers


    For more visit the Starpoint English website

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