2014: Year of celebrations and changes

2014. január 29., szerda

At the beginning of a new year, the Reformed Church in Hungary looks forward to the organization and implementation of some very important events in 2014, most notably the Hungarian Reformed World Summit, release of the new Hungarian Bible translation, Synod/church elections, unity jubilee of the Hungarian Reformed Church and preparations for the 500th reformation jubilee.

Celebrating reformed unity in the Carpathian Basin

In 2014, the RCH will celebrate the 5th anniversary of the unification of the Hungarian Reformed Church with its sister churches in the Carpathian Basin. In 2009 the reformed congregations of the Carpathian Basin declared their solidarity and created the Hungarian Reformed Church. In the last few years the relationships throughout this region have got stronger, indeed, several collective programs have worked to nurse these relations.

The Reformed Music Festival takes place in Budapest from 23-25 May. On the 28th of June, visitors can see a united choir from the Carpathian Basin performing in the Palace of Arts.

7th Hungarian Reformed World Summit

The 7th international reunion of Hungarian reformed will take place at several locations across the Carpathian Basin during 2014. The event’s motto: ‘May your deeds be shown to your servants, your splendor to their children.’ (Psalms 90:16)

On the jubilee of the Constituting Synod on 24 May in Debrecen, a Unity Festival will be organized. A few programs worth mentioning: Transdanubian Reformed Church Days (4-6 July), Calvin Commemoration Worship and Festive Plenary of the Presidium of the General Convent in Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfantu Gheorghe) (10 July).

New publications of the Bible and Calvin’s Institutes

The Calvin memorial years are coming to an end this year. Our church lays great importance on introducing the life-work of the reformer. This year a release of Calvin’s main work in Hungarian is planned. On the occasion of the 450th jubilee of the reformers death, a memorial service will be held after the plenary session of the Hungarian Reformed Church’s General Convent on 10 July.

This year the Hungarian Bible Association has finished the revision of the modern Hungarian translation of the Bible. The publication is expected to be released in April. The publisher plans the release the text in a digital format as well.

General elections

The election of church officers will be an important part of this year, because on 31 December the six-year term of all elected members of the governing bodies from congregations, presbyteries, church districts and the synod will expire. In November, the 13th Synod of Reformed Church in Hungary will finish its work.

The regional synods of the church districts and presbyteries have until 30 September to form election committees, and should have their candidates nominated by the 8th of October. Presbyteries will have to arrange the vote by 28 November. According to this, the new regional synods will be formed by 31 December. In January, the newly elected General Synod will elect its presiding bishop and lay president. The General Synod will have its inaugural meeting in the spring of 2015.

Youth events

The Synod Youth Office strives to involve young people more in the life of the church. The Synod Youth Forum (4-5 April, Budapest) will be organized once more and the Confirmation+ Conference will take place at Balatonszárszó on 25-27 August. In the meantime, the co-operation of youth organizations in the Carpathian Basin will continue.

2017 Reformation jubilee

In 2017, Reformed churches around the world will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and in Hungary preparation for the jubilee year has already begun.

A state organized committee consisting of state and church leaders met for the first time on 23 January to mark the inaugural meeting of the joint committee tasked with the planning and organization of the upcoming anniversary celebrations.

Both the Reformed and Lutheran churches in Hungary will organize separate programs to commemorate the event in 2017, but they will also work in cooperation on several joint-projects.

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