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2019. szeptember 10., kedd

After an unfortunate veto of Hungary, Czech republic, Poland and Estonia at European Council Summit in June, the environment organizations of the Reformed and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary wrote a letter to the President of Hungary.  The letter has been answered positively by the Office of the President.

Hungarian protestant environmental groups have successfully promoted to reach EU carbon neutrality by 2050. After an unfortunate veto of Hungary, Czech republic, Poland and Estonia at European Council Summit in June, the environmental organizations of the Lutheran and the Reformed Churches in Hungary wrote a letter to Mr President János Áder to ask him for supporting the EU 2050 climate goal. The letter has been answered positively.

Mr. Csaba Kőrösi, the head of the Directorate for Environmental Sustainability of the Office of the President of the Republic of Hungary, responded to this letter on behalf of the President, writing that his view has confirmed as, “among others, you, as well as members of the working group, and the movements that each of you lead, consider our joint duty stemming from the protection of creation, as well as our moral responsibility for the quality of life of current and subsequent generations, to be issues of fundamental significance.” He also mentioned, “I believe the real point is that apart from fixing the date of carbon neutrality, we should also draw up a credible path towards reaching that goal. In other words, we should see what results we can rely on, and what further developments we need to bring about.”

He continued that although no final decisions have been made regarding the exact goal and timeframe of the long-term climate strategy for Europe, he is optimistic that Hungary’s efforts will lead to success. He wrote, “I am positive that Hungary’s actual performance will not stand in the way -- as it has not been standing in the way so far -- of the EU reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. It is my belief that if we stay on this road we have been and keep making significant efforts, it is a realistic perspective for Hungary to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to a level that the environment is able to absorb, and we can, at the same time, modernize our economy and improve our quality of life even further.”

The Eco-Congregation Movement of the RCH has taken many initiatives speaking up for climate justice as an active member of the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN), which is closely associated with the Conference of European Churches (CEC). In January of this year, the Eco-Congregation Conference was held at the RCH Synod Hall in Budapest, where they discussed the role and responsibility of eco-congregations, as well as other topics regarding protection, sustainability, and cultivation of the environment.


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