Head of RCH Diaconal Office awarded

2018. november 20., kedd

In celebration of International Day for Older Persons, the Minister of Human Capacities awarded prizes in Pesti Vigadó, honoring the help given to older persons by individuals and municipalities. On 9October, Rev. András Besztercey, head of the Diaconal Office of the Reformed Church in Hungary, was also recognized.

Minister of Human Capacities, Miklós Kásler, spoke of the current youth and the generations to come, forming the future but, “ the future has been conceived in the womb of time.” He highlighted the important role of older persons in the preparation of the youth. A nation must listen to the wisdom and to guidance given by them. It is not only a duty, but – as our history has made clear – a guarantee of survival – added the minister. Miklós Kásler also stated that families are formed around the grandparents, as they are the heart of the family. In order to maintain the health of the nation, we must look after the heart, he said. He thanked the elders for dedicating their lives to the preservation of the nation, for providing an example of perseverance, diligence, love, respect and humility, and for leaving, as heritage, our national identity. Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Human Capacities, Katalin Novák said that they awarded those who made more effort than the minimum expected. 

Rev. András Beszterczey has been leading the Diaconal Office of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) for four years, and has also been serving as the director of Albert Schweitzer Reformed Elderly Home in Budapest. Speaking of the Reformed diaconal service, the awarded Rev Beszterczey said, “In our work, spiritual care is just as important as professional knowledge, as it gives meaning to the service we are doing. If I do not put the Church in my work, if I do not share the gospel and represent Christ, then I am like anyone else working in social services. It is part of the Christian way of life, serving and helping others, because I received a gift from God and I would love to share the love of Christ with others.”


Written by the RCH Diaconal Office

Translated by Eszter Sótonyi

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