Statements and documents regarding the issue of Székely Mikó Reformed High School

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Human Rights Alert Issued about Re-nationalization of Székely Mikó High School

Ecumenical Solidarity on ‘renationalisation’ of Székely Mikó High School 

Call for solidarity

Heavy Protests against Re-nationalization of Church Property in Romania

Updated: Battle Over Church-Owned Property Still Ongoing in Romania 

Nationwide Protest Against Buzau Court Decision Regarding Re-Nationalisation of Church Property



2014 - Statement of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Romania regarding the renationalisation of the Székely Mikó High School

2014 - RCH's Statement of Solidarity with the Transylvanian Reformed Church District

2014- Statement of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District's Extraordniary Assembly on 29 November 2014

2014- Statement of the Presidium of the Transylvanian Reformed hurch District regarding the decision of High Court of Ploiesti on 26 November 2014

2012- Resolution and statement of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District's General Assembly


Letters of solidarity and advocacy from ecumenical partners (2012):

CEC CSC Letter to Bishop Géza Pap

CEC CSC Letter to Justice Minister Pinviceru

CEC CSC Letter to Romanian Prime Minister Ponta

CoS letter to Bishop Géza Pap

WCRC Letter to Bishop Pap

WCRC Letter to PM Romania

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