Call for solidarity in Sub-Carpathia, Ukraine

To partners of the Reformed Church in Hungary

Dear friends,

I would herewith like to present you the Emergency Response Plan of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid for the situation in Ukraine, and on its behalf, call you to prayerful solidarity with the reformed community in Sub-Carpathia. Many of you have asked for additional information, and I hope this document answers some of your questions. However, if you have more questions, I encourage you to contact the Reformed Church Aid directly, as they are staying abreast of the happenings in Ukraine and are much more informed than I.


Rev. Barnabás Balogh, CEO


Dániel Osgyán, Head of International Department


If you wish to support the Church Aid through monetary donations, please use the following information found below. For more news on the situation in Ukraine, please click here.

Thank you for your continued interest, prayers of support and solidarity.

In Christ,


Balázs Ódor

Ecumenical Officer, Reformed Church in Hungary




Donation Information

Account holder: Magyar Református Szeretetszolgálat Alapítvány (Reformed Church Aid)

Address of Church Aid: 1146 Budapest, Hungária krt. 200.

Bank: CIB BANK Zrt

Address of Bank: 1027 BUDAPEST, MEDVE U. 4-14., Hungary


IBAN: HU59-1070-2019-8500-8898-5040-0003

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