HRCA Sub-Carpathian Action Plan

(version 1.0)

During a discussion on 15th August 2014, Sub-Carpathian church leaders and representatives of the local government informed the leaders of HRCA about the actual political and social situation. In addition, the leaders of HRCA informed the local leaders about the possible assistance capacities. Based on this discussion we have assigned the following tasks.


The following relief items are needed to be supplied and replaced in the border areas as soon as possible: blankets, 10 liter water tanks, water filtration bottles, candles, flashlights, detergent, toiletry kits, food.


The following possible solutions have been developed by the local leaders and the HRCA:

1. The heating system of the Sub-Carpathian Reformed parsonages should be redesigned to a solid fuel firing system.

  • This step is not only important for the maintenance of the Church institutions but the parsonages are also suitable for various public functions in case of crisis.

2. We also recommend supplying and collecting small wood burning stoves (optimally 500 small stoves)

  • We do not recommend collecting and supplying electric heaters, since the stability of the Sub-Carpathian electrical system is unsure in an extreme case, and additionally the increased payment of electricity bills would mean another extraordinary burden.

3. The gas shortage will be most problematic not for those in blocks of flats. Consequently, we have to be prepared for the possibility of heated centers/temporary heated accommodations being opened.


Both in the case of a wave of refugees and a social catastrophic situation, the HRCA can cooperate with the institutions of the Sub-Carpathian Reformed Church in order to open community kitchens by extending the present institutional capacities.


The local governance has expressed the following requests towards the HRCA and those supporting programs in Sub-Carpathia through HRCA:

1. To supply 100 uniforms and 100 CB radios to the local government for its launch of a voluntary militia.

  • This service, in cooperation with civil volunteers and local law enforcement bodies, would help to control and sustain the security situation.

2.Request help from Hungarian hydrographic engineers to ensure the security of the drinking water system.

  • The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid is going to begin discussions with the Waterworks of Debrecen and Budapest in the following days so as to answer this request.



Sándor Pál
translated by Annamária Kótay-Nagy, Anna Czenthe

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