The Faces of Love

2015. június 26., tags: hungarian reformed church aid, voluntary

More than seventeen thousand volunteers carried out tasks for more than one hundred thousand work-hours on the last weekend of May at the Bridge of Love, organized by the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid.

Bridge of Love 2013

2013. május 28., tags: hungarian reformed church aid, voluntary

Sixteen thousand applicants registered for the Bridge of Love this year, more than ever before. The two-day event is a great opportunity for both young and elderly people to be part of a community and serve for a good cause across the Carpathian Basin.

One year of service in Hungary - voluntary programme of ÖDE

2012. július 19., tags: voluntary, voluntary diaconal year centre

"Szia! A nevem Tabea", says a German girl in surprisingly good Hungarian, wearing a big smile on her face. "I've been working as a volunteer at Bethesda, mostly playing with kids", she continues in English. "The job was just perfect for me."Twenty-year-old Tabea is one of the thirty young people who did voluntary diaconical service in Hungary in the past year. Their last team meeting, which we also attended, was held at Lake Velencei.

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