General Convent met in Slovakia

2016. július 01., tags: confession, Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), hungarian reformed church (hrc), general convent, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

The General Convent of the Hungarian Reformed Church announced in its meeting in Kosice, Slovakia that a new translation of the Second Helvetic Confession is on its way. Rev Chris Ferguson, General Secretary of WCRC, was also present at the meeting to address the plenary on matters of joint importance to the HRC and the WCRC.

Rediscovering the Heidelberg Catechism - Regional Conference

2012. október 30., tags: confession

In 2013, the Reformed Church celebrates the 450th anniversary of its confession: the Heidelberg Catechism. Published in 1563, this document is a true heritage of our Church, something not only to be meditated upon, but to rediscover and hand down to the next generations.  A regional conference, which was held in October, was already a forerunner of the celebrations to be launched in memory of the Heidelberg Catechism in 2013. In the form of lectures, listeners were introduced to the confession in its entirety, and its topics were placed into the context of our present time.

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