Looking back at 2014

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We ushered in the New Year full of thanksgiving for the things that happened within the Reformed Church in Hungary. Looking back at 2014, some of the highlights include:Unity and Solidarity, Parnerships, Communication campaigns, Syond Meeting, international Guests, Revision and Research reports, New translation edition of the Bible and Calvin Insitutes, the Holocust Jubilee, 10 years of the Accra Confession, Church Electoins and other events.

International Delegates at the Synod Meeting of RCH

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The Synod of the Refomed Church in Hungary will take place on 12th - 13th of November 2014. Among many delegates expected from various parts of Hungary are international guests. These Guests are from partner Churches in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Fall Synod Report 2013

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The fall meeting of the General Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary began on 14 November in Budapest. Several topics were on the docket for the meeting, including the Roma action plan, the findings of the Church Revision Committee and a discussion concerning the implication of the Leuenberg Agreement on church legal documents. In addition, Rev. Seon Koo, a mission coworker from the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK), gave his greetings at the beginning of the Synod session. He highlighted the 18-year history between the RCH and PROK, and also provided his sincere wish that the partnership can be improved through the churchs' work and activities.

Brief Report of Synod Resolutions

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Several important topics were discussed throughout the mid-November Synod meeting of the Reformed Church in Hungary. The Synod approached this meeting with a focus directed toward a time of reflection and reinterpretation of its mission.

The Movement of Reinterpretation: November Synod Meeting of the RCH

2012. november 26., tags: church revision, andrás harmathy, general synod

The Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) convened for its fall session to discuss, aside from business matters, the vision of the church as it faces an unprecedented time of social change and economic unrest. In his opening address to the Synod, Bishop Gusztáv Bölcskei mirrored this, saying that the Synod is constantly discussing things that are changing, and it is through this reinterpretation that movement occurs and brings about a spark within the church.

November Synod meeting to include international guests

2012. október 24., tags: general synod

An important time in the life of the church is drawing near! The biannual meeting of the General Synod will be held at the Synod Office of the Reformed Church in Hungary on 14-17 November. This session of the Synod will focus on the future of our church, as the newly founded Church Revision Committee gives its first report on reform and revitalization within our congregations

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