The Church Revision Committee finished its work

2015. január 07., tags: Synod, synod, church revision, church revision committee

Church Revision Committee (CRC) presented its final report and recommendations to the Synod in November. The recommendations in a document titled “Dialogue with the Future” were accepted as part of further discussion. The closing Synod thanked the CRC for its work and stated that the committee has fulfilled its assignment. An ad hoc committee was established for the implementation of the action plan.

Report on Closing Synod of RCH's 13th Cycle

2014. november 19., tags: partnerchurches, synod2014, synod, church revision, Synod, starpoint

The 13th Synod Cycle’s 15th Synod Meeting of the Reformed Church in Hungary took place last week on 12th – 13th of November 2014. It was the last Synod of a 6-year-Cycle and the last before elections of new officials.

With One Touch

2014. augusztus 05., tags: church revision, interview, andrás harmathy

"I do not believe in the Church, but I do believe that God's Spirit works among us. And I love the Church" - We talked to pastor András Harmathy, convener of the Church Revision Committee.

We Need a Forced March

2014. május 15., tags: levente kovács, church revision, interview

New urban congregations, a flatter church structure and placing greater emphasis on the role of donations – among many other things, elder Levente Kovács considers these changes crucial regarding the future of the Reformed Church in Hungary. We talked to the general secretary of the Hungarian Banking Association in connection with the revision process in the Reformed Church, since he is a reformed person who can simultaneously see the community from the inside and the outside.  

Church Revision: Working toward a Final Recommendation

2014. május 13., tags: church revision, synod, Synod

The Church Revision Committee (CRC) recently submitted a progress report to the Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) in order to update the church leaders on the committee’s work since the submission of its working plan in November 2013.

Young people see the future of the church

2014. április 29., tags: church revision, youth

It is already the 3rd time that 16-23 years olds from all over the country filled the chamber of the Synod hall in order to debate the possible future of the youth mission within the confines of the Synod Youth Forum ( April 4-5 ).

Facing the Past and the Present

2014. március 04., tags: interview, tőkéczki, church revision

The individual and the community are determined by their own past. Whether they like and admit it or not, the past is always with them, in them, that is why it is essential to know it, emphasized historian László Tőkéczki, Lay President of the Danubian Reformed Church District. He is the editor of the public television program called Freedom Square '89, which commemorates the events of the political changes. As the day commemorating the victims of communism approaches, we talked to Tőkéczki about the victims taken by the red dictatorship and about the political changes 25 years ago. 

The Dialogue Continues

2014. január 17., tags: church revision, mission committee, mission

The Church Revision Committee recently met to discuss the continuation of the RCH's revision process. It has decided to team up with the Synod Mission Committee and developed a working plan for this cooperation, which includes some 20 consultations based upon the suggestions of the Revision Committee’s submission that the Synod accepted in November.

Fall Synod Report 2013

2013. november 18., tags: hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), general synod, fall, 2013, roma ministry, church revision, synod report

The fall meeting of the General Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary began on 14 November in Budapest. Several topics were on the docket for the meeting, including the Roma action plan, the findings of the Church Revision Committee and a discussion concerning the implication of the Leuenberg Agreement on church legal documents. In addition, Rev. Seon Koo, a mission coworker from the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK), gave his greetings at the beginning of the Synod session. He highlighted the 18-year history between the RCH and PROK, and also provided his sincere wish that the partnership can be improved through the churchs' work and activities.

Summary of the April Synod Session

2013. április 26., tags: hungarian reformed church (hrc), synod, church revision, 2013, Synod

The spring meeting of the Synod, the highest decision-making body of the Reformed Church in Hungary, opened with a devotion by Dean István Csegei and the 12th session of the 13th Synod cycle was officially called to session by RCH Lay President Pál Huszár.

Touch: The Dialogue Powering Revision

2013. április 19., tags: church revision, synod, Synod

The Church Revision Committee of the Reformed Church in Hungary was created to examine the lives of local congregations and through dialogue determine a national strategy. After its approval during the last Synod meeting in November 2012, the Revision Committee set about examining the best way to create meaningful discussion among the RCH's 1,249 congregations.

Brief Report of Synod Resolutions

2012. november 26., tags: starpoint, heidelberg cathechism, ambassadors for christ, church revision, hungarian reformed church (hrc), general synod

Several important topics were discussed throughout the mid-November Synod meeting of the Reformed Church in Hungary. The Synod approached this meeting with a focus directed toward a time of reflection and reinterpretation of its mission.

The Movement of Reinterpretation: November Synod Meeting of the RCH

2012. november 26., tags: church revision, andrás harmathy, general synod

The Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) convened for its fall session to discuss, aside from business matters, the vision of the church as it faces an unprecedented time of social change and economic unrest. In his opening address to the Synod, Bishop Gusztáv Bölcskei mirrored this, saying that the Synod is constantly discussing things that are changing, and it is through this reinterpretation that movement occurs and brings about a spark within the church.

“A New Reformation Would Make a Difference”

2012. november 19., tags: interview, andrás harmathy, church revision

"The things that could renew the Church are not new at all. The Bible has not changed, our theological convictions have also remained the same. The only question is, how the gospel will be able to make us enthusiastic", said András Harmathy, president of the Church Revision Committee, as he shared some of his thoughts about the mission of the committee in the context of the approaching General Synod session.

Interview with the convener of the Church Revision Committee

2012. október 24., tags: church revision, interview, andrás harmathy

We are in a process of revision. For the coordination of the process the Church Revision Committee was installed by the Synod in 2012, commissioned both to develop an ecclesiological basis for the future church life and for the expected reconfiguration - even restructuring - of the church, and to lead us through the implementation. The first committee report will be discussed at the November session of the Synod. At its first meeting in April 2012, the committee elected Rev. Dr. András Harmathy as its convener. András is local pastor in a city close to Budapest and holds a doctor in ministry in missiology. Ha was interviewed in Debrecen by the Church Magazine "In Community".

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