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2017. április 12., szerda

During the RCH’s Reformation Jubilee, members of the worldwide reformed church family recorded encouraging messages for the Hungarian church. To strengthen the global network of reformed churches, leaders from denominations in Asia and the Americas gathered to share inspirational words of wisdom with the RCH. 

The worldwide community of reformed churches has a close-knit bond – distance is not a barrier for relationships this strong. This was shown at the RCH’s Reformation Jubilee where approximately forty Reformed sisters and brothers from around the world gathered in Debrecen to join in the celebrations. During their time in Hungary, members of reformed churches around the world recorded video messages on themes of Reformation, common bonds in Christ, and the importance of young people in the church to share with the Reformed Church in Hungary.

Park One Ho

Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK)

“We are asked by the reformers to renew our spirit, and also to refresh our tradition in the future.”

Message from Park One Ho from reformatusponthu on Vimeo.

Philip Woods

Presbyterian Church in USA (PCUSA)

“The Reformation means something very different in the USA, so it’s quite striking to be here and share with this event in Europe, where the meaning goes much deeper because it’s so much tied up with European history.”

Message from Philip Woods from reformatusponthu on Vimeo.

Lee Jae Cheon

Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)

“Knowing past is the best way for the future.”

Message from Lee Jae Cheon from reformatusponthu on Vimeo.

Videos produced by Communication Office of the Transcibiscan Reformed Church District

Article by Kearstin Bailey


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