House Speaker Opens Reformation Memorial Year

2017. január 09., hétfő

House Speaker László Kövér opened Hungary’s memorial year marking the 500th anniversary of Reformation in Europe in Budapest’s Palace of Arts (Müpa) on Friday.

The “moral revolution” of the Reformation “sets an example and serves as a benchmark for all of us”, Kövér said. Looking back at the moral revolution of the Reformation in today’s Europe facing cultural, demographic, identity, economic, social and political challenges “gives hope to us all”, he added. “It gives us hope that as creations of God we will always be able to survive by renewing ourselves ... and that by holding on to the eternal truths of the Word [of God], we will survive for the next 500 years, too.” Kövér said that looking back at the Reformation also gave Hungarians hope that they could establish a “nation-building state” for themselves which could provide safety and refuge to all Hungarians. Human Resources Minister Zoltán Balog described the Reformation as “thanksgiving” and a “critical confrontation with ourselves”. But the Reformation cannot be celebrated as a victory over the Catholic Church, he said. “Our faith says we are all part of one church, even if we are torn apart,” the minister said. 


Article via MTI


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