Easter Message of the Ecumenical Council

2015. április 02., csütörtök

We are pleased to share the Easter Message of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary and the Permanent Council of Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference.

At Easter, the Christian world celebrates the resurrection of Christ.

The secret behind this celebration is at once both old and new.  For, it happened in time, but is eternal; it is mortal, yet everlasting.  Christ, in his divine existence, “took on human nature itself, suffered for the suffering, became a captive for the sake of those shackled and flogged, was sentenced to death for the wicked, buried among the dead, but yet rose again from the grave." [Melito of Sardis, an early Christian writer]. He absolves the condemned, gives life to the departed, and makes human life meaningful and radiant with joy.

From him stem our ideals as well as our hope for the future. In this light, we view our earthly tasks as well.  The Risen Christ gives us strength to fulfil our human and Christian vocation.   At Easter we celebrate Christ among our families and in our churches.   We turn now to our fellow brothers and sisters with the conquering love of Christ which overcomes human suffering.

We wish his peace upon all people of good will.

Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed!


Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary

Permanent Council of Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference


Translated by Rev Dr. Frank Hegedűs

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