Crisis in Ukraine – the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid is prepared to act

2014. február 21., péntek

Statement of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid:

For weeks now the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) has been following the situation in Ukraine closely and has taken preparatory measures, in coordination with the National Directorate of Disaster Management of the Ministry of Interior, in the case of humanitarian disaster. The HRCA is prepared for the possibility that Ukrainian citizens would seek refuge in Hungary. The capacity assessment of church related institutions in regions along the border is in progress in order that the HRCA may be able to provide effective and extensive help for those in need. Our organization is also preparing relief transports to handle a possible humanitarian disaster. The HRCA is in standing communication with leaders of the Hungarian reformed community in Subcarpathia, Ukraine, so should an urgent need for assistance arrive, it can start necessary operation within hours. Sándor Pál, director of the Advisory Board of HRCA, is presently in Ukraine with a relief transport of food, provisions, medicine and other goods of prime necessity for everyday life. We hope for a peaceful solution to the situation, while we deem preparation for the worst case scenario important. 

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