Coordination of Ecumenical Relations

The international and ecumenical relations of our church are coordinated by the International and Ecumenical Office of the Synod Office. The International and Ecumenical Relations Committee of the Synod, assisted by the Ecumenical Advisory Board, is responsible for the ecumenical strategy of the RCH.

Ecumenical Relations Committee of the Synod

The RCH's foreign affairs strategy and ecumenical strategy are determined by the International and Ecumenical Relations Committee. This Committee supervises the church's international relations as well as its participation in international theological and professional dialogues. At the regular board meetings, the Committee makes decisions regarding any current issues; it makes proposals and issues reports to the Synod. The Committee also oversees the work of the Ecumenical Office, which is responsible for the implementation of the Committee's decisions.

Members of the Committee:

Zsigmond VAD, Chairman - Transtibiscan Reformed Church District

László KÖNTÖS - Transdanubian Reformed Church District

Zsuzsanna RÉPÁS - Danubian Reformed Church District

Szilárd Levente DARVAS - Cistibiscan Reformed Church District

Ecumenical Advisory Board

The Ecumenical Advisory Board operates under the supervision of the Ecumenical Committee. It aims to assist the operation of the Ecumenical Office, and encourages RCH representation in international organisations and in the theological and professional fields of work. The board consists of church members who represent the RCH either as elected members of an international organisation's governing body, or as professional delegates representing certain teams of these international organisations. Furthermore, the Ecumenical Advisory Board aims to revise theological texts submitted for professional feedback and to make the most important topics of international church life available for church members. The board is also in charge of harmonising the work of delegates in various organisations.

Ecumenical Office of the RCH

The Ecumenical Office is responsible for all types of ecumenical relations within and outside Hungary. It is in charge of keeping the contact with the partner churches worldwide, ensuring an active presence of the church in ecumenical organisations and promoting twinning relations on each level of church life. The Ecumenical Office deals also with scholarship and aid issues, and helps other national offices, ministries and church agencies in establishing their own international relations.


Some of the tasks of the Ecumenical Office:

  • Maintaining relationships with partner churches abroad
  • Fulfilling any commitments resulting from memberships in international church organisations
  • Technical and practical preparation for our church delegates' trips to other countries
  • Management of scholarship matters and distribution of financial aid received from other churches around the world
  • Preparing, planning and managing activities and programmes for visiting foreign guests


Balázs Ódor
Ecumenical Officer



Ecumenical Office of the Reformed Church in Hungary
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