Partnership and Co-operation

The Reformed Church in Hungary recognises that co-operating and joining forces with other Christian churches or denominations, which place the Gospel of Jesus Christ as their primary focus, is highly beneficial for any Christian community.

Being devoted to a Calvinist heritage, it is a vital part of our identity to promote the unity of Christian churches and to be an authentic witness of the Gospel. The idea of our unity both inside and outside the church conveys the message that through Christ we are reconciled with God by the Spirit. For the Hungarian Reformed community this ecumenical vision bears an up-to-date significance, as only a few years ago, on 22 May, 2009, the synodal unity of Hungarian Reformed churches was declared as a major ecumenical event.

The two main fields of international relations in the RCH are professional and theological co-operation with sister churches around the world and active participation in the work of international ecumenical organisations. The RCH wishes to accomplish its mission by maintaining fellowship with over 20 churches on four continents, co-operating with ecumenical organisations, and establishing partnerships with educational, diaconal, theological and professional institutions at a congregational, presbytery or national level.

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