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The name "Reformed Church in Hungary" does not refer to the entire "Hungarian Reformed Church." These are two different organizations. The latter is not a legal entity in terms of international law, but an expression of a special church communion in the form of a Common Synod. It is composed of the Hungarian-speaking reformed churches in the Carpathian Basin who are all registered in their respective countries separately.

The Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC) was established by the Constituting Synod on 22 May 2009 in Debrecen. It is a community of Reformed churches in the Carpathian Basin that incorporates Hungarian Reformed congregations both within and outside the borders of Hungary because of their separation from each other as a consequence of World War I. The constitution of the church, adopted by consensus, declares that the HRC is a community of joined churches with a common synod, which can pass legislation and make formal statements concerning issues decided upon by the highest syndicates of participating churches. However, the joined churches are autonomous and independently form their own organizational systems (with the exception of those things regulated by the common constitution and laws).

The HRC's operational body is the General Convent. As the common representative body of the Reformed churches in the Carpathian Basin, it has an important role in the coordination of common issues and works to achieve unity through a harmonizing liturgy and Hymnbook, because of their cooperation in mission and diaconia. The General Convent consists of all the deans and lay presidents in office of the Reformed presbyteries within the Carpathian Basin, as well as bishops and first elders in office of the church districts. Its presidium meets every two months and is composed of the bishops and first elders (lay presidents) in office.

The Hungarian Reformed Community, the churches in and around Hungary, understand themselves as "mother churches" or "churches of origin" of the diaspora communities. The Presidium of General Convent develops and coordinates those programs that aim to support the diaspora communities, including regular visits and service of Hungarian pastors in the Western-European cities, coordination of theological students studying abroad or even financial aid.

The constitution of the Hungarian Reformed Church was ratified by the following churches:

Constitution of the Hungarian Reformed Church

Message of the Constituting Synod

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