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2018. március 08., csütörtök

With their 1% pledge more than 200 000 people support annually the various ministries of RCH. The motto of this year campaign is “Simply Reformed”.

Each year the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) releases a visual communications campaign to encourage the Hungarian tax payers to allocate their 1% to the Church. Similarly to the "Otto per mille" system in Italy, tax payers have the possibility to direct one percent of their paid income tax to a particular church and NGO. This donation helps to fund the various ministries of the church throughout Hungary. 

This year the campaign video highlights drug and alcohol rehabilitation, finding the way out of difficult life situations, and invites to the church community to build healthy relationships.


In 1997, the Hungarian government allowed for Hungarian taxpayers to designate 1% or their personal income tax to a chosen non-profit organization. In 1998, an additional 1% was allowed to be allocated to a church. In previous years, taxpayers would have to allocate the 2% consciously, applying each year to direct their 1% to an organization or church of their choice. Due to recent changes, from 2018 the 1% personal income tax liability donation may be filed only one time, and this declaration will be applicable for future tax reports. The statement may be amended or withdrawn once a year.

Through research and experiences of campaigns, the churches are more able to effectively succeed in reaching those strata of Hungarian society, who are most open to the messages of the church. In recent years, the central element of communication was to introduce and demonstrate that the church is not only a faith community but also active in social work.

We encourage you check the different stories of the 1% communication campaign from previous years and visit the official Hungarian website and see more videos! 

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