International Delegates at the Synod Meeting of RCH

2014. november 19., szerda

The Synod of the Refomed Church in Hungary will take place on 12th - 13th of November 2014. Among many delegates expected from various parts of Hungary are international guests. These Guests are from partner Churches in Asia, Europe and Africa.

  Nelus Niemandt

  Dutch Reformed Church in South African

 Moderator of the DRC. He completed his studies at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Pretoria where he now teaches and is the head of the Science of Religion and Missiology Department. His areas of  research are Missiology, Mission and Church Studies, Ecumenism, Mission Leadership.  Prior to teaching at the University of Pretoria, Prof. Niemandt while serving as minister of the Weltervreden Church he was  Chaplain to the Police and Moderator of the Highveld Synod.

  Dawid Kuyler

  Uniting Reformed Church South Africa

 He began as a Church Historian before becoming, a practicing theologian. He has 30 years of pastoral service, and teaches pastoral counselling. Since 2008 he has been working as the General Secretary (scribe) at  Uniting Reformed Church South Africa. Dr. Kuyler was actively involved in fight against Apartheid in the Church and in 1986 he played a role in adapting of the Confession of Belhar. 

  John Chalmers

  Church of Scotland

 He has been serving as the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland since 2014, but was previously working as Principle Clerk to the General Assembly. Rt. Rev. Chalmers started his studies at  the Faculty of Engineering at Strathclyde University and then registered at University of Glasgow to study religion. He has served as a minster in West Dunbartonshire at Renton Trinity Parish. He however served as a  minister of Palmerston Place Church in Edinburgh between 1986 and 1995. 

  Norman Hamilton

  Presbyterian Church of Ireland

 Chairman of our Church and Society Committee of the PCI. In 2010 he was the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland. He was born in Lurgan in 1946 was educated at Portadown College and Trinity College,  Dublin. Rev Hamilton has been minister of Ballysillan for more then 20 years. He became a significant public figure as a result of his mediation work in the Holy Cross dispute in north Belfast in 2001. For this services  to Community Relations in Northern Ireland he received the Order of the British Empire.

  Gregorio Plescan

  Waldensian Evangelical Church 

 Rev. Plescan was born in Milano in 1960, studied theology in Rome and Manchester. He was ordained Waldensian minister in 1989 and served in the churches of Prali, Ivrea and Venice. Presently Rev. Plescan is serving in the church of Bobbio Pellice (Piedmont, Northern Italy) and he is president of the 1st District of the Waldensian churches  and chairperson for the training of lay preachers.

   Young Taik Jeong

  Presbyterian Church of Korean

 He is the current Moderator of the 99th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Korea. Rev. Dr. Jeong studied in both Korea and the United States of America. He has served as a congregational minister since  1987 and as of 2007  he accepted to work on National level in many capacities such as sitting Chair of the multiple committees that include, Colombia Mission Society, Martyr’s Memorial Mission, the Representative of  both Strategic Research Institute for the Next Generation as well as board member of Young Nam Theological University.

  Seon Koo Kim

  Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea

 He is a missionary from the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea. Mr. Kim moved to Hungary in 2013 to do mission work. He teaches at Karoli Gaspar University of the Reformed Church in Hungary where he  lectures at the East-Asian Language Institute teaching Korean Language and Korean Church History. He also supports the Korean Presbyterian community in Budapest, participates in Roma ministry through the RCH,  and represents the partnership betweenPresbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea and the Reformed Church in Hungary. Rev. Kim and his wife are serving in Hungary for five years.

  Rev. Ching-An Yeh

  Presbyterian Church  in Taiwan

 He is the Programme Secretary of the Ecumenical Relations Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan. Rev. Yeh studied at the Seminary of Taiwan with his research based on Old Testament Biblical  interpretation. The PCT and the Reformed Church of Hungary have had a long standing relationship focusing on youth mission.

  Thomas Hennefeld

  Evangelical Church of Helvetic Confession in Austria

 He is from Vienna and it is here where he began his Theological Studies and later studying in Zurich. He has been Superintendent of the Evangelical Church of the Helvetic Confession of Austria since 2007. In  addition, since 1993 he has served as editor of the 'Reformierten Kirchenblattes’ an Austrian Reformed Newspaper and was the Editor in Chief between 199 and 2007. His main area of study is Interreligious Dialogue,  especially Christian-Jewish Dialogue, Oikumenisim as well as Peace and Reconciliation with the Near East. 

  Joel Ruml

  Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren

 He is the Moderator of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. He studied at the Faculty of Theology of the Comenius University. Between 1980 and 2003 he worked in various congregations such as Lozice, Velké  Meziříčí és Olomuc. While in Velké Meziříčí he was a member of the City Council board. He is in active service as a Pastoral Counsellor for Prisoners.

  Christina Busch

  Evangelical Church in Rheinland

 She is a Church Consultant as well the Assistant Director of the Ecumenical Relations Office of the Evangelical Church in Rheinland. Her office bears responsibility of managing relationships with about 14 churches both  German and international partnerchurches as well as ecumenical organisations that work with refugees, environment and interreligious dialogue. Her office in managing the relations with the Hungarian diaspora as  well.

  Gottfried Locher

  Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches

 The President represents the FSPC and its member churches vis-à-vis church organizations and political committees on a national and an international level. He presides over the work of the council. Between 2002 and  2005 he was the  President of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches Europe and Central Committee member of the World Council of Churches. In 2013 he has received a honorary doctorate from the Reformed  Theological Universty in Debrecen.


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